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“You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” — Mark Twain

Helpful Resources

Health tips and Information from the region’s top eye doctors.

Keeping you informed and your eyes healthy are the goals of Little Rock Eye Clinic. Check out a variety of information on issues that can affect your eyes. You can also follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our eye health blog, “Seeing Clearly.”

→ All About Vision (Off-Site)
→ American Academy of Opthalmology (Off-Site)
→ American Glaucoma Society Position Statement: Marijuana and The Treatment of Glaucoma (PDF)
→ EyeSmart (Off-Site)
→ National Eye Health Education Program (Off-Site)
→ National Eye Institute – "Facts about Glaucoma" (Off-Site)
→ Technology Review — "Glaucoma Test in Contact Lens" (Off-Site)
→ World Services for the Blind (Off-Site)
→ Get Eye Smart