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Contact Lenses

Contact lens wear is safe and easy, provided you comply with the eye health care plan that our professionals at Little Rock Eye Clinic recommend. Please follow instructions for the wear and care of your lenses.

Fitting Exam

The purpose of a contact lens fitting exam is to find the most appropriate contact lens for your best comfort and vision.  An extensive variety of lens types, materials, sizes and colors are available including specialty lenses for corneal conditions such as keratoconus and post-transplant.  We are committed to taking the time to fit you properly, and for many patients, this will mean multiple visits in order to best meet your needs.

In most cases, the initial fitting appointment will involve an insertion and removal training session.  One of our staff will provide personalized instruction in the safe care and wear of your new lenses.  Should further time be required, we will be happy to schedule an additional session.  Upon completion of a successful insertion and removal session, you may begin wearing your lenses and your first follow-up appointment will be scheduled.

Patients who are current contact lens wearers may also incur a fitting fee (click on FEES for details).  If you are new to our clinic, lens care instructions will be reviewed as necessary.

One or more follow-up appointments will be necessary to assure that your contact lenses continue to fit well and your eyes remain healthy.  These visits are included in the Fitting Fee for the first 90 days.

With all of the advanced materials being used to make contact lenses and our extensive experience fitting lenses, we have very few patients who are unable to wear contact lenses.  If you suffer from dry eye, allergies, or recurring eye infections, speak with your doctor or our contact lens staff to determine whether contact lenses are right for you.


In addition to normal examination fees, a fitting fee will be charged for all new contact lens wearers.  Established contact lens wearers may also be charged fitting fees if there is a significant change in lens type, lens power or wearing modality (e.g. changing from distance contact lenses to multifocal lenses).

Exact fees will be discussed after you are examined and the lens type best suited for you is determined in consultation with your doctor and our contact lens staff.

The Fitting Fee includes the contact lens fitting, a starter kit for lens care solutions, insertion and removal lessons, trial lenses, and follow-up visits – none of which are typically covered by insurance.  The fitting fee will cover contact lens related office visits for up to 90 days.

Contact lenses can be ordered at any time after the fitting and follow-up examinations are completed.  Upon completion of the fit, you are entitled to a written contact lens prescription.  You can order lenses by calling our office, by email, or through this website, or you may use the written prescription to purchase lenses elsewhere.

Your written prescription will expire one year after the date of your last exam or the completion of your fitting, whichever is later.  For your safety, and in compliance with State Law, we are not able to refill prescriptions more than one year old without another exam.  The Fitting Fee is to be paid on the day of the lens fitting and lenses are to be paid for when an order is placed.  Our office accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, cash or check.

If a patient originally fit with one lens type requires a change to a more complicated lens modality, the difference in Fitting Fees will be charged.  Any lens changes made after the first 90 day follow-up period will incur another fitting fee.

With all of the advanced materials being used to make contact lenses and our extensive experience fitting lenses, we have very few patients who are unable to wear contact lenses.  If, however, either you or your doctor decide to discontinue the fitting of the contact lenses, a refund of the cost of lenses purchased may be given during the fitting period.  No refund will be given after the 90 day fitting period has expired.  Fitting fees are nonrefundable.


To schedule an appointment or if you have questions, call our clinic and ask to speak to one of our staff in the Contact Lens Department. Should you be connected to voicemail, please leave your name and phone number and we will return your call.

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